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Singapore Digital Twin Metaverse!

The ultimate RPG Metaverse game where you can explore a digital twin of Singapore, train your character, gather resources, build houses, and embark on epic quests!

Combat and Collect

Fight against mobs and collect rare loot drops to enhance your character's abilities and equipment.

Craft, Build, & Customize

Take advantage of the crafting system to create your own unique items and gear. Build your own houses and structures using the resources you gather.

Mobile AR Treasure Hunt

Connect with the game on the go with the Metascape AR app. Discover treasures and solve puzzles to unlock exclusive rewards that you can use in the metaverse.

Discover the Cityscape

Explore various locations in Singapore such as our Heartlands, Central business district and iconic landmarks complete with transportation options.

Explore And Discover Top Trending Lands and NFTs

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